Would you like to be a professional bartender?

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Do you wish to become a professional mixer but don’t really have the time to complete a basic mixer course? Would you like to organise a team-building event or just want to spend quality time with your friends? Then the Individual Bartender Course is for you! We offer individual training with the curriculum of a normal course in just over one week.

The Individual Bartender Course is perfect for you if :

– you don’t have the time for a 12 weeks long course

– you’re too busy because of work or studies

– you don’t have much free time during weekdays

– you’re moving abroad soon

– you wish to study on your own and if you want all the attention from the teacher

– you would like to learn about cocktails with friends (available for groups of 2-6)

– you don’t fully understand Hungarian

The curriculum of the English Indiviual Course is equal to the Basic Bartending Course (thaught in Hungarian). The course is fully based on your free time. If you wish to finish the course in just 1 week you can do so, but you can also come every fortnight if that’s more convenient for you.

The Individual Bartending Course is now available for only 110.000.- HUF (equivalent of approximately 345 EUR). The tuition fee includes the recipe book and the use of material, so 110.000.- HUF is the full amount you need to pay for the course. There are no hidden fees!

If you wish to study bartending but are not able to join our Basic Bartending Course, then contact us:

via telephone: +36/20-355-8400
via e-mail: info@mojito.hu

We are happy to help you with anything.

The things you can learn during the course:

– the history of cocktails, bartypes, tools

– drink types and categories (rum, vodka, tequila, whisky, gin, champagne, wines, cognac, pálinka, liqeur, vermouth, cachaca, etc), syrups     and purées

– practicals: mixing of cocktails (classics and novelties)

– the process from guest-greeting to cleaning tables

– the correct serving of the cocktail (garnish, glass, straw, etc)

– basic barista knowledge (this module is theoretical only)

– free pouring

– ‘blindfolded’ tests: can you recognise a drink by its scent?

– revising, practicing

– final exam (theoretical and practical)

If you wish to register, please come visit us. Our address is: 1071 Budapest, Lövölde tér 2. (VII. district.). If you need help getting here please contact us:

via telephone: +36/20-355-8400
via e-mail: info@mojito.hu

Would you be interested in a barista course as well? Search no more! Besides the Mojito Mixeriskola (Mojito Bartending School) there is a barista school as well, at the same venue. Different company but the same professionalism. The barista school (Barista Akadémia) offers the same method schedule wise. The tuition fee of the Individual Barista Course is only 120.000.- HUF (equivalent of approximately 375 EUR).

Payment methods: We only accept cash HUF on the spot, but you are able to transfer the tuition fee to our bank account. For details please contact us.

The contacts shown above are for both courses. Please note that we do not offer a Hungarian text book /reciepe book. That’s because the receipes are mostly in English (e.g.: rum, gin, mudler, etc) and your instructor is going to tell you everything what’s in our booklet. Also, there’s plenty of literature in English in both bartending and coffee.

We support responsible alcohol consumption.


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